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The Annual Society Meeting will be held on February 8, 2015 at 2PM. The location will be HobbyTown USA at 454 Prospect Blvd., Frederick, MD. All who have paid membership dues in the past are eligible to be vote. Agenda will include the restoration of #150 and the impact of the hotel at 200 E. Patrick Street on the historical significance of the Frederick Station..

December 2014:

The City of Frederick hasnarrowed the placement of the downtown hotel and convention center to be situated in part on the property at 200 E. Patrick Street, which is the Frederick Railway Station. Follow the development at the City website, www.cityoffrederick.com.

December 2013:

#150 in Myersville has been covered in tarps to protect it from the weather. Due to family circumstances, the car needs repairs but cannot be done at this time. The society purchased the tarps and H&F Society members Harry Meem, Rueben Moss and Richard Benjamin covered the car.




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