Motorman Cap and Badge #19

Catalog ID:21.12Common location:H&FRHS Archives
Acquired in2021Object donated bythe estate of Sherry Kemp

This cap was owned by an unknown Hagerstown & Frederick Railway crew member.  The cap bears buttons decorated with stylized letters PE, while the badge is of the later design used on Hagerstown & Frederick cars for most of the company's operations.  The hat itself likely dates from approximately 1920 or later.  It is in good condition with minimal wear and minor staining and corrosion.

The H&FRHS maintains the cap in an acid free archival box with archival padding material.  It is occasionally displayed as part of indoor exhibits provided by the Society and efforts are made to minimize handling and UV exposure.

The cap was owned by local artist Sherry Kemp and worn by the artist during the Myersville Trolley Festival on several occasions.  Ms. Kemp provided artwork for some Myersville Trolley Festival souvenirs as well as other area transportation historic sites and museums.