Line Car #8

Type: Line CarCapacity: Purchased in:
Built by:Hagerstown Railway Shops in 1902 for Hagerstown Railway


Length (bumper): 26'06"(Platform): 22'06"(Post):
Width: 8'10"Height from Rail to platform:,to roof: 12'07"Steps: 1


2 trucksModel: Brill 27Gpurchased H&F in 1902Wheel base: 4'01"
Wheel Diameter: 34"Axle Diameter: 4.5"Car Weight: 36000 lbs.


This car had 4 motors.Motor model: GE 88BGear ratio: 17:69Motor HP: K6 each


Controller Model: D1EGCompressor: OVXForm GAir Gove.:
Also owned by:
Other notes: Retired 1947. Destroyed 1998

After retirement this car spent some time in Funkstown before being donated to the Capital Trolley Museum outside of Washington D.C.  In 1998 the car was transported to Frederick along with the frame of City Car #62 for future display in that city. Both were destroyed by arson.