While our organization is the only nonprofit dedicated specifically to preserving the history of the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway, other organizations also preserve items from the railway’s history. Maintaining a record of where these allied materials can also be found by researchers is just one more way we seek to fulfill our mission. The following are the collections that we are aware of.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum –


The PTM is located about half an hour south of Pittsburgh in Washington, Pennsylvania. This museum has an extensive collection of trolleys from Pennsylvania and abroad and offers trolley rides on every operating day. The museum is also home to an equally extensive research center related to all companies which fell under the umbrella of the American Waterworks & Electric Company and is the home of the remnants of Potomac Edison’s company archive. Researchers will find original company documents, photographs, drawings and maps, some of the few remaining employee records and internal reports and memos from the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway and Potomac Edison.

Hagley Museum & Library


In 2020, Herbert H. Harwood Jr. donated his photographic negative collection including approximately 150,000 images including many Hagerstown & Frederick Railway images. Mr. Harwood is the author of Blue Ridge Trolley and many other expertly written railroad history titles covering a variety of railroads in the United States with a focus on the Maryland area.

Maryland Rail Heritage Library –

BaltimoreNRHS.org, BaltimoreStreetcarMuseum.org

This joint archive between the Baltimore Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society and the Baltimore Streetcar Museum resides at the Streetcar Museum campus where visitors are given the opportunity to ride a wide variety of trolleys and streetcars. This library offers thousands of books and records as well as a collection of Hagerstown & Frederick photographs and negatives.

The Robert S. Kinnaird Collection of Historic Thurmont Photographs


Collected and curated by Thurmont mayor John Kinnaird, this collection of photographs and scanned documents from Thurmont and its surrounding area contains over 400 Hagerstown & Frederick related images available to the public.

National Capitol Trolley Museum


Located in Colesville, outside of the District of Columbia, the NCTM preserves the history of trolley and streetcar service in and around the city. A small photograph display represents the H&F in their exhibit hall and there is a small collection of H&F tickets and small items in their research archives.

Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum


The Roundhouse Museum gives guests a glimpse at Hagerstown area railroad history and is very welcoming and interactive for younger guests. The museum archive contains a small collection of H&F items and photographs but is notable as the home of several H&F lanterns, a surviving Williamsport destination sign and of course surviving H&F Interurban Combine #168, the system’s first steel bodied car.

Heritage Frederick


The archives of Heritage Frederick includes several documents and resources related to the US Army salvage center on Jefferson Street which was served by the H&F during World War II. Their museum contains several H&F artifacts including a ceremonial polished headlamp presented to the museum by Potomac Edison at the conclusion of the Last Trolley trip.

Myersville – Wolfsville Area Historical Society


This organization preserves the history of the Myersville area which served as the middle point on the H&F mainline and later the western terminus of the Frederick Railway Division of Potomac Edison from 1938 to 1945.

Middletown Valley Historical Society


What ultimately became the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway began with the intention to connect the Middletown Valley with Frederick. The MVHS offers several references and resources related to the community and regional history.

Washington County Historical Society


The Miller House Library Collection of the WCHS offers a small selection of trolley related items including postcards and photographs related to the local system.

National Road Heritage Foundation


The NRHF is dedicated to the history of the National Road in Maryland which the H&F route paralleled and crossed at several points. The organization also maintains and operates the Boonsboro Trolley Station Museum on behalf of the town.

Other Railroad Organizations