The HFRHS is frequently requested to provide presentations to other historical societies, civic organizations, retirement homes and other groups. The following list summarizes the selection of presentations we frequently give.

Remembering the
H&F Railway
(civic group special)
25 min. Multimedia A brief exploration of the early foundations of the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway predecessors and then a brief visual tour of the system.
The H&F: Then & Now 25 min. Slideshow A visit to 11 communities served by the railway, comparing vintage photographs with the exact same scenes as they appear today.
A Condensed History of the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway 35~ min. Slideshow A brief overview of the creation, operation and closures on the H&F. A lot of detailed information in a brief time.
A Trip on the Line 45 min. Multimedia A very quick summary of the creation of the line kicks off this route-by-route tour of the railway through photograph and film, combining elements of our Then & Now presentation with portions of Tracing the H&F.
Tracing the Hagerstown & Frederick 60 min. Multimedia, animated maps Society member Reuben Moss presents a detailed tracing of the railway using a Google Earth overlay, mixed with photos, film and audio of the local trolleys.