The H&F Archive

One of the two obligations to our mission is to preserving the heritage of the trolley line that served Washington and Frederick Counties in Maryland. To do this we make an ongoing effort to collect and maintain an archive of small artifacts, documents and photographs which are used in our exhibits and newsletters and are made available to researchers.

A portion of the H&FRHS archives
A portion of the H&FRHS archives

We strive to apply museum quality practices in the storage and handling of our artifacts. This includes only handling objects using cotton or disposable gloves, storage in archival quality clear plastic sleeves and holders when applicable, and the use of a fireproof rated cabinet for many of our rare and one-of-a-kind documents.

In 2017 we began the extensive process of cataloging our collection using a tri-numeral classification system similar to that found in small museums across the country. In July of 2020 the H&FRHS was awarded a Heritage Grant by the National Railway Historical Society to upgrade our archival technology so that we may better scan and track our documents and photographs to improve research accessibility and minimize handling.

Types of objects in our collection

  • Timetables
  • Employee number badges
  • Photographs of
    • Trolleys
    • Structures
    • Locations
    • Employees
  • Photo Negatives
  • Company memos, advertising and documents
  • Maps and Drawings
  • Tickets and Receipts
  • Station stamps
  • Shipping documents
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Memoirs and photo stories
  • Audio and Film
  • Bibliographical Library
  • Trolley Festival souvenirs
  • Small trolley parts
  • Destination signs

Subjects we collect include

  • Hagerstown & Frederick Rwy.
  • Frederick & Middletown Rwy
  • Frederick Inter-Urban Rwy
  • Frederick Railroad
  • Myersville & Catoctin Rwy
  • Hagerstown Rwy
  • Hagerstown & Boonsboro Rwy
  • Hagerstown Northern Rwy
  • Monocacy Valley Rwy
  • Washington, Frederick & Gettysburg Rwy
  • Chambersburg, Greencastle & Waynesboro Street Rwy.
  • Braddock Heights Amusement Park
  • Woodley Park/Electric Park/Watts Park amusement park in Funkstown
  • Blue Ridge Bus Company
  • Potomac Edison Company
  • Potomac Public Service Company
  • Myersville Trolley Festival
A selection of the H&FRHS archives
A selection of the H&FRHS archives collection

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help our efforts to preserve H&F history. Use our Contact Form or write to us at P.O. Box 1314 Frederick, MD, 21702 if you would like to help!

ARTIFACT DONATION: If you have an object related to any of the subjects listed above, we are interested in providing it with a safe home.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: A donation to the Society in any amount will help us to continue our outreach and operations, both of which help us to grow and preserve our archives. Larger donations and bequests can be earmarked for archival use to help store and acquire artifacts.

SUPPORT OUR ENDOWMENT FUND: We currently have the opportunity to set up a permanent endowment through the Community Foundation of Frederick County. To create the endowment we must raise a minimum of $25,000 by June 2021.

VOLUNTEERING: Our members are encouraged to also become volunteers. Archival volunteers help to scan and enter detailed information about objects in our collection. Volunteers may also research related subjects to contribute stories to the Society newsletter and future publications.

HELP US FIND A HOME: Our archive is currently hosted by Hobbytown USA in Frederick. The H&FRHS would like to find a dedicated home where we can expand our archives into a research center, hold exhibit open houses and gather for meetings. If you are or know someone with a property which may serve this purpose, or would like to learn how to help us acquire such a location, please reach out to us!