Due to the broad distance between many of our members, the Society holds only two regular meetings a year, once in the Winter and one in Spring/Summer.  Members may request permissions to gather under the Society name on a more frequent basis.  Meetings are announced to members in the Society’s Trolleywire Newsletter and also through other means.

Officers of the Board 2019-2020

Alex Postpischil

Reuben Moss

Richard Benjamin

Officers and Committees

Newsletter Editor
Alex Postpischil

Reuben Moss

2021-2022 Board-Elect
(Taking office 1/1/2021)
Reuben Moss – President
Curtis Keltner – Vice President
Craig Close – Treasurer
Alex Postpischil – Past President

Vice-President Reuben Moss and Society Founder and President Alex Postpischil