Freight Motor #9 (2nd)

9Freight MotorBought: 194440'6" longNotes: Retired 1955, disposition unknown.

#9 began life as a freight car, reportedly as a boxcar, before being converted into a freight motor by the W&OD in Virginia.  During WWII the H&F purchased the car for use transporting freight and scrap metal between Thurmont & Frederick.

Footage of #9 in service can be found on the Howard Sell reel preserved by the NRHS.

Freight/Express Motor #5

5Freight MotorBought: 192040'07" longNotes: Retired 1955, Preserved.

Used as a farm shed for years, donated to Rockhill Trolley Museum where it was used for storage until 2000s. Donated to H&FRHS in 2008, moved to Thurmont and donated to Town of Thurmont 2008.

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