Page from Commutation Book to Hagerstown Airport 53516

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Object Type

Ticket / Pass

H&FRHS Catalog ID


Date or Period

May 11, 1946

Company Form Type

Form R-CB-10-A


Hagerstown, Hagerstown Airport


1.75" x 4"

Storage Location

Binder 1 (Tickets/Waybills)


This ticket is one page of a commuter’s one-week discount fare book valid until May 11, 1946.  These tickets were valid on “cars or buses” between a point in Hagerstown to the Hagerstown Airport.  It is believed this would allow for a passenger to ride a trolley on the Williamsport branch to the square and transfer to a bus for the trip north on Pennsylvania Avenue / Rt. 11 to the airport.

These commutation books provided 9 removable pages serving as one-way fares and the cover served as a 10th ticket, providing a total of 5 round trips.

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