Potomac Edison safety badge on leather strap

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Object Type

Award / Badge

H&FRHS Catalog ID


Date or Period


Credit Line

Jerry & Kathy (Fagan) Barrick

Earliest Known Owner

Lewis F. Fagan Jr.


1.5" diameter medallion, 5.75" tall with strap.

Storage Location

Fireproof Storage


This medallion was most likely issued as a safety reminder for employees to wear with their uniforms or as a departmental recognition for safe practices.  It bears the embossed text “Safety Above Everything Else” along the top edge and “Potomac Edison Systems” along the bottom edge, framed around a generic embossed image of a power generation plant, high tension powerline mast and a Peter Witt style streetcar (which the company did not use) as well as the Potomac Edison logo.

The medallion is attached to a small adjustable leather strap and a plastic ring for affixing the strap.

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