Red Globe Lantern with Marker Foot

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Object Type

Tool / Trolley Part

H&FRHS Catalog ID


Credit Line

Elizabeth Duke

Earliest Known Owner

Carroll James

Storage Location

On Loan to Boonsboro Trolley Station Museum


A red globe H&F lantern.  The globe bears an authentic H&F RY etching however the lamp frame itself bears no H&F markings.

Lanterns such as this were used for signalling at night.  It could be held by an employee on the ground who would move the lantern in various directions to give visual instructions to the train crews.

The lantern seen here includes a marker foot, which could be inserted into a metal bracket which would hold it in place.  This could be used in place of a marker lantern on the corners of the trolley if needed to signal the rear of the car.  Several of the trolleys including #171 and #172 also bore a marker bracket centered on the front bumper to use to signal rear or front of the train when moving and this placement was a more likely use of this particular lantern.

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