School Ticket for Hagerstown Suburbs

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Object Type

Ticket / Pass

H&FRHS Catalog ID


Date or Period

May 1946

Company Form Type



Hagerstown, Maryland


2" x 5"

Storage Location

Binder 2 (Train Orders)


This ticket is one page from a book of 10 allowing a student passage on trolleys between a school within the city and their home in either Funkstown to the east, Halfway or Williamsport to the west or the Fountainhead area just north of the city.

These books were sold to families at a discount and were valid on weekdays until the date punched, often the last day of school: in this case May 15, 1946.

It is likely that this book, like the commutation books of similar design, contained 9 pages which would be torn out by the motorman and then the passenger would use the cardstock cover page as the final ticket.

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