Steel Bodied Interurban Combine #171

Type: Interurban CombineCapacity: 48 Passengers + CargoPurchased in:
Built by:J.G. Brill Co. in 1919 for Hagerstown & Frederick Railway


Length (bumper): 48'04"(Platform): 4'03"(Post):37'09"
Width: 8'10"Height from Rail to platform:3'00",to roof: 13'00"Steps: 2


2 trucksModel: Baldwinpurchased H&F in 1911Wheel base: 6'01"
Wheel Diameter: 34"Axle Diameter: 4.5"Car Weight: 51500 lbs.


This car had 4 motors.Motor model: GE 201AGear ratio: 17:69Motor HP: 50 each


Controller Model: K35G2Compressor: D2EGSX2Air Gove.: S6A
Also owned by:
Other notes: Retired 1954, survives in use as a cabin.

Operated Last Trolley trip to Thurmont with #172 Feb. 20 1954.  Survives as a cabin in Mountaindale.   Last known carbody in private ownership.