Former CG&W Combine #34

Type: Interurban CombineCapacity: 52 Passengers + BaggagePurchased in:
Built by:J.G. Brill Co. in 1916 for Chambersburg, Greencastle & Waynesboro Railway


Length (bumper): 47'00"(Platform): 4'05"(Post):36'00"
Width: 8'11"Height from Rail to platform:2'07",to roof: 12'05"Steps: 1


2 trucksModel: Standard 0-50purchased H&F in 1915 (CG&W)Wheel base: 4'06"
Wheel Diameter: 33"Axle Diameter: 4.5"Car Weight: lbs.


This car had 4 motors.Motor model: Westinghouse 101BGear ratio: 15:69Motor HP: 40 each


Controller Model: K35 & K35GR2Compressor: D1HP.V.2Air Gove.: National Type R
Also owned by:
Other notes: Retired by 1933

After the CG&W service ended in 1932, #34 was converted from wide gauge to standard gauge for use on the H&F.