City Car #61 (second)

Type: Closed NearsideCapacity: 28Purchased in:
Built by:J.G. Brill Co. in 1917 for for Hagerstown & Frederick Railway


Length (bumper): 32'00"(Platform): 5'03"(Post):20'00"
Width: 8'03"Height from Rail to platform:2'07",to roof: 11'10"Steps: 1


1 trucksModel: Taylorpurchased H&F in 1917Wheel base: 8'00"
Wheel Diameter: 33"Axle Diameter: 4.5"Car Weight: 25000 lbs.


This car had 2 motors.Motor model: GE 88BGear ratio: 17:69Motor HP: 40 each


Controller Model: K-11Compressor: DH10National P.V.Air Gove.: CD17
Also owned by:
Other notes: Replaced identical car after 1917 fire

Replaced a near identical car of othe same number that burned in 1917 Hagerstown Carbarn fire.  After retirement this car was converted into the Dixie Diner owned by Mary and Leonard Fogle at Frederick and Water Streets in Thurmont.