Birney #70

Type: Birney SafetyCapacity: 34Purchased in:
Built by:J.G. Brill Co. in 1926 for North Anderson Railway


Length (bumper): 28'00"(Platform): (Post):
Width: Height from Rail to platform:,to roof: Steps:


1 trucksModel: Brill 79E1purchased H&F in 1927Wheel base:
Wheel Diameter: Axle Diameter: Car Weight: lbs.


This car had 2 motors.Motor model: Westinghouse 508-AGear ratio: Motor HP: 35 each


Controller Model: K63BRCompressor: Air Gove.:
Also owned by: Hagerstown & Frederick
Other notes: Retired after 1 year, scrapped 1939/40

Purchased unused from Brill, possibly from a cancelled order. Retired after one year of service. Recorded as scrapped sometime in 1939 or 1940.