June 1914 Hagerstown & Frederick Railway Timetable & Tourism Brochure

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Timetable Format

Original Professionally Printed

H&FRHS Accession


Credit Line

Alex Postpischil

Year donated to H&FRHS


Timetable Effective On 06/14/1914

This is a Hagerstown & Frederick Railway Timetable & Tourism Brochure

Timetable Routes Covered

Main Line, Thurmont Division, Jefferson, Boonsboro, Williamsport, and Shady Grove, PA

Timetable Details

This rare booklet provides a current timetable effective on June 14, 1914 as well as a company profile for potential investors and details regarding tourist destinations throughout the region in order to attract passengers from abroad.

There is an identically formatted document in the collection of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum from the Frederick Railroad in 1911 which contains different information and photographs.

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