Carroll James’ Slideshow Master Slides

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Photograph Slide / Souvenir / Other

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Credit Line

Elizabeth Duke

Earliest Known Owner

Carroll James

Storage Location

Fireproof Storage


The H&FRHS is proud to preserve the master copy of Carroll James’ slideshow. Under this number are three boxes containing nearly all of the “original” slides from his show.  These are actually duplicate slides acquired from various photographers’ collections.

This collection of slides was reproduced by Mr. James in the 1980s and copies could be ordered by railfan clubs and individuals to share along with his accompanying narration.  With some slide projectors the cassette of narration would also advance the slides automatically.  This ultimately became the half hour “The H&F: Trolleys Through The Heart Of Maryland” documentary aired on Maryland Public Television and then refined and released on VHS by Mr. James from 1994 until his passing in 1997.

Carroll James’ slideshow and subsequent documentaries fueled a revival of interest in the local trolley history and have inspired many of today’s H&F enthusiasts.

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