Ohmer Fare Register C4343

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Object Type

Trolley Part

H&FRHS Catalog ID


Date or Period


Company Form Type


Credit Line

Sean Guy of Beaver Creek Antique Market

Earliest Known Owner

Carroll James


20"w x 16"h x 8"d

Storage Location

On Loan to Boonsboro Trolley Station Museum


While it is unknown exactly what car this machine was removed from and cannot be verified that it is indeed an H&F fare register, nearly identical machines of the same series were known to be used in the H&F interurban combines.

This mechanism was connected to a trolley-length pole which was rotated to move a shuttle behind the register.  Once the appropriate amount was selected on a dial wheel around the pole, a rope was pulled which would lift the shuttle and pull up one of the tabs on the back of the register.  This in turn would lift the amount flag visible in the front window of the machine and stamp a piece of paper in the bottom of the machine with a record of that amount being added to the record.  Dials on the side also would document trip number and date, and a key inserted into the side of the machine allowing for its function was made to stamp the number of the operator of the car.

More Images of Trolley Part 22.20.01