Fare Amount Wall Dial

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Object Type

Trolley Part

H&FRHS Catalog ID


Date or Period


Credit Line

Betty Duke

Earliest Known Owner

Carroll James


8" x 8"

Storage Location

On Loan to Boonsboro Trolley Station Museum


This dial was connected to a long pole system which ran the entire length of a trolley and indicated to the motorman or conductor what fare amount was selected on an Ohmer type fare register.  The trolley would have at least three of these in addition to a similar dial at the motorman controls in the vestibules on each end of the trolley.  The pole ran through the dial so as to rotate freely while the arrow was fixed and rotated with the movement of the metal pole.  A gear and chain similar to that of a bicycle chain connected the pole and therefor the arrow with the register machine itself.

This dial was acquired alongside the Ohmer register which came from an unidentified car and several items from H&F car #172.  It is possible it came from that car as the amounts match those used by the H&F.