Samples of All Milk Tags

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Object Type

Receipt / Ticket / Pass / Other

H&FRHS Catalog ID

00.45.--, 00.46.--, 00.47.--, 00.48.--

Date or Period


Company Form Type

M2-5-25M-1-29, 5M-3-23, M2-8, M2-5-5M-1-29


Entire System

Credit Line

Jerry & Kathy (Fagan) Barrett

Earliest Known Owner

Lewis F. Fagan Jr.


2" x 4" each

Storage Location

Fireproof Storage


These tags were used in the transport of milk and cream from farms into the cities.  Farmers would pay for the tags and write their farm’s name on the topmost segment.

When milk was to be shipped by trolley, a tag would be tied to the can and the can set on a platform alongside the tracks with a guarantee that the next passing trolley would stop to collect it.  The bottom portion of the tag would be removed and sent along with other freight and/or passenger fares and tickets to the company accounting department while the portion with the farm name would remain on the can so that it could be returned to the farm for free after being emptied at a creamery or dairy co-op.

Each group was assigned based on distance and had different costs for transport.  In August 1920 the costs were as follows:
Group 1 to Frederick – Jefferson, Middletown, Lewistown and points between them and Frederick,  1.5 cents/gallon
Group 2 to Frederick – Farms between Thurmont and Lewistown or between Myersville and Middletown, 2 cents/gallon
Group 3 to Hagerstown – between Beaver Creek, Williamsport or Shady Grove and Hagerstown, 1.5 cents/gallon
Group 4 to Hagerstown – between Beaver Creek and either Myersville or Boonsboro, 2 cents/gallon