Early Hagerstown Railway Transfer

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Ticket / Pass / Transfer

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Hagerstown, Maryland

Related Individuals

W.C. Hepperle


2" x 4"

Storage Location

Binder 1 (Tickets/Waybills)


This Hagerstown Railway transfer was used to reach a point within the City of Hagerstown.  Unlike later transfers it only provided a selection of North, South, East or West rather than a list of potential destinations.  The crewman providing the ticket to a passenger would have punched out the month on the left side, the day of the month across the top and right side, the hour of day along the right edge and the nearest 5 minute increment to the issued time.

Transfers were special tickets provided to a passenger when they had paid the entire fare to reach a destination but would have to change to a different trolley or in some cases to a bus to reach that destination.

In order to ensure that the ticket is used as intended, the trolley crewman providing the ticket would make sure that it was marked for the day, time of day and destination. Ticket holders would be required to use the transfer on the next available trolley traveling to or past their destination or else the ticket would be voided and they would lose the money they had paid for the fare.

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