WF&G Waybill C.C.Carty June 1, 1909

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Object Type


H&FRHS Catalog ID


Date or Period

June 1, 1909

Company Form Type

5000 2-08


Frederick, Lewistown

Related Individuals

C.C. Carty, Charles R. Harper, A.G. McBride

Credit Line

Linda & Paul Houck


6" x 8.5"

Storage Location

Binder 1 (Tickets/Waybills)


This waybill documents the shipment of 1 bucket of paste from C.C. Carty in Frederick to a Charles R. Harper of Lewistown by the Washington, Frederick & Gettysburg Railway.

A waybill is a document issued by a shipper, in this case the WF&G, documenting the property being shipped, the weight or quantity as well as any special instructions for the shipment and at times payment accepted.

The Washington, Frederick & Gettysburg Railway was a steam railway which operated between Thurmont and 4th Street in Frederick.  In late 1909 the company became part of the Frederick Railroad and in 1911 the route was moved in Frederick to 5th street and the entire 17 mile route was converted to electric trolley becoming the H&F Thurmont Division

C.C. Carty was a well respected furniture maker and undertaker on Patrick Street in Frederick.  The location of the business at this time was the building that is now home to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.