Steel Bodied Interurban Combine #172

172Interurban CombineBought: 192148'04" longNotes: Retired 1954, scrapped in 1970s.

Last Car from Frederick to Hagerstown
Last Car from Hagerstown to Williamsport
Last Car from Middletown to Frederick
Last Car from Thurmont to Frederick.

Official last Interurban in State of Maryland, possibly east of Mississippi. Survived into 1970s as part of a preservation attempt.  Ended service as farm structure, damaged in fire before scrapping.

Steel Bodied Interurban Combine #168 (2)

168Interurban CombineBought: 191748'04" longNotes: Retired 1947, preserved in Hagerstown.

Participated in Last Trolley in Washington County trip alongside 169 and 172. Moved to Dam 5 for use as a cabin, donated to Hagerstown Model Club and moved to fairground. Later donated to Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum where it is currently displayed.